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How Donna Speer Ristenbatt, DAD-1662 member became interested in Genealogy

"This genealogy home page is dedicated to the memory of my aunt, Laura Elizabeth ROGERS, the woman who started researching our family's history over 50 years ago. This page is also a thank you to my father's sister, my aunt Harriet SPEER Bush. Inadvertently, she sparked my interest in our family's history by sending me a copy of the   discharge papers of my great great grandfather, Henry H. Speer Jr., who fought in the 13th New Jersey Regiment during the American Civil War. This, combined with a trip to Gettysburg, PA, where I found out that the 13th NJ Regiment had fought, was enough to start a keen interest in genealogy. Combine this interest with the computer knowledge of my husband, David Earl Ristenbatt, and voilą! - a genealogy home page evolved."

Written by Donna Speer Ristenbatt

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