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German Ackerman Lineages


Name of Immigrant and Spouse:

Anthony Ackerman; b ca 179x Germany and Elizabeth ?

Heyr ??? Ackerman; born Oct 1847 in Germany; m.  first wife (--?--) circa 1872; married Kate (--?--) circa 1892

Jacob Ackerman, b ca 1820 Gernany m.  Katherine Meyers

Jacob Ackerman, b ca 1825 Germany m. Anna Margaret Luther

Jacob Ackerman; born 1836 at Germany; married Barbara (--?--)

Johannes Ackerman; b 1790 German m. Anna Johanna Spach

John Ackerman; b 20 Jan 1800 at Wurttemberg, Germany m. Mary Ham

John P. Ackerman; b 1820 or 1829 Wurttemberg, Germany m. Caroline Hartman

John Ackerman;  b 1836, Pennsylvania, father b. Germany m. Mary Ann ?

Nicholas Ackerman; b ca 1798 Germany m.  unknown spouse

Valentine Ackerman b 1825 Germany m.  Jane E. Spurgeon



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