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1. unknown compiler, online http://www.ancestry.com/, unknown author (unknown location), a compiled database on ancestry.com.
2. unknown author, "unknown title," e-mail message from unknown author e-mail (unknown address) to unknown recipient.
3. unknown compiler, a compiled database on ancestry.com; submitted by utlyonsden@aol.com.
4. unknown household, unknown record type, unknown repository address, unknown repository, Crawford Co., soundex; J.F. Ackerman born in Ohio; Vol. II, ED 99, sh 11, Line 23 2 cards on family: no age written on my sheet for J. F., Catharina, 33 wife, Elija A. 1, dau; John W., 8, son, Emma L. 6, dau; Jacob C., 5, son; Francis M., 3, son; Elmor J., 2 son; Hattie C. 2/12 dau; all born in Ohio, live in Crawford Co., Cranberry twp..
5. unknown subject, International Genealogical Index (IGI) (35 N West Temple Street Salt Lake City, UT 84150 USA: Family History Library), Film #1903783. LDS Church..
6. unknown subject, unknown repository, unknown repository address, http://wworldconnect.rootsweb.com/ submitted by Mary Hitchcock m.hitchcock@milwpc.com.
7. International Genealogical Index (IGI), Film #1760954. LDS Church..

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