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Descendants of Valentine Ackerman

Generation One

1. Valentine1 Ackerman; born 1825 at Germany;1 married Jane Elizabeth Spurgeon 3 Oct 1850 at Butler, Ohio;1 died May 1894;1 buried May 1894 at Veterans Graceland Cemetery, Kansas.1

He began military service circa 1862; Civil War - Union - Co. H, 4th Ohio Infantry.1

Children of Valentine1 Ackerman and Jane Elizabeth Spurgeon were as follows:

Generation Two

3. John J.2 Ackerman (Valentine1); born 1856 at lllinois;1 married Josie (--?--).1

Children of John J.2 Ackerman and Josie (--?--) were as follows:

4. Margaret Anne2 Ackerman (Valentine1); born 13 Jan 1862;1 married John Frank Mortimer;1 died 5 Dec 1900 at age 38;1 buried after 5 Dec 1900 at Glendale Cemetery, Pottawatomie Twp., Kansas; Maggie Mortimer; d. Dec. 5, 1900; age 38 y, 10m, 23 dys; wife of J. F. Mortimer.1

She also went by the name of Maggie.1

Children of Margaret Anne2 Ackerman and John Frank Mortimer were:

5. Henry Valentine2 Ackerman (Valentine1); born 24 Feb 1864 at Portland, Multomah County, Oregon;1 married Katherine Brown, daughter of John Brown, 3 Jun 1889 at Ft. Scott, Kansas;1 married Belle Kulp circa 3 Nov 1902 at Burlington, Kansas;3 died Sep 1930 at Kansas City, Wyandott County, Kansas, at age 66;3 buried Sep 1930 at Fairview Cemetery, Kansas City, Kansas.3

Children of Henry Valentine2 Ackerman and Katherine Brown were as follows:

Children of Henry Valentine2 Ackerman and Belle Kulp were as follows:

6. George2 Ackerman (Valentine1); born 1867 at Oregon;1 married Gertrude Ramsey;3 died at Baldwin, Douglas County, Kansas.3

Children of George2 Ackerman and Gertrude Ramsey were as follows:

7. Ann Eliza2 Ackerman (Valentine1); born 20 Sep 1874 at Council Bluffs, Iowa;1 married Albert S. Mortimer;3 married Harry Putnam Newcomb, son of LaFayette Newcomb and Elizabeth Fuller, 23 Jul 1892;3 died 21 Jan 1932 at age 57;3 buried after 21 Jan 1932 at Cronin-Stone Cemetery, Waverly, Coffey County, Kansas; Burial Record reads:

Anne E. Mortimer, b Sept. 20, 1874, d. Jan 21, 1932. Father: Valentine Ackerman of Germany. Mother: Spurgeon of Scotland.3

There were no children of Ann Eliza2 Ackerman and Albert S. Mortimer.

Children of Ann Eliza2 Ackerman and Harry Putnam Newcomb were as follows:

Generation Three

11. Henry Raymond3 Ackerman (Henry2, Valentine1); born 13 Feb 1890 at Coffey Co., Kansas;3,4 married Margaret Ethel Christina Hulse;3 married Edith (--?--);3 died 21 Sep 1960 at age 70.3

He was between 1917 and 1918 at Kansas City, Wyandotte Co., KS, Kansas; district #3.4

Children of Henry Raymond3 Ackerman and Margaret Ethel Christina Hulse were as follows:

There were no children of Henry Raymond3 Ackerman and Edith (--?--).

12. Juel3 Ackerman (Henry2, Valentine1); born 3 Jan 1892 at Waverly, Coffey County, Kansas;3 married John Walter Thomas 5 Nov 1913 at Garnett, Anderson Co., Kansas;3 died 6 Jun 1975 at Tulsa, Oklahoma, at age 83;3 buried 9 Jun 1975 at Garnett, Anderson Co., Kansas.3

She was also known as Julia Ann.3

Children of Juel3 Ackerman and John Walter Thomas were as follows:

13. Effie Elizabeth3 Ackerman (Henry2, Valentine1); born 9 Jun 1894 at Waverly, Coffey County, Kansas;3 married Arthury B. Van Wye Apr 1909 at Kansas City, Wyandott County, Kansas;3 died 7 Dec 1971 at Yakima, Yakima County, Washington, at age 77;3 buried 10 Dec 1971 at Terrace Heights Memorial Park, Yakima, Yakima County, Washington.3

Children of Effie Elizabeth3 Ackerman and Arthury B. Van Wye were as follows:

Generation Four

30. Jesse Winsford4 Ackerman (Henry3, Henry2, Valentine1); born 28 May 1913;3 married Gertrude (--?--).3

Children of Jesse Winsford4 Ackerman and Gertrude (--?--) were:

31. Hazel Mae4 Ackerman (Henry3, Henry2, Valentine1); born 24 Feb 1918;3 married Truman Mansell.3

Children of Hazel Mae4 Ackerman and Truman Mansell were as follows:

35. Samuel Sherman4 Ackerman (Henry3, Henry2, Valentine1); born 16 May 1927;3 married Barbara (--?--);3 he and Barbara (--?--) were divorced.3

Children of Samuel Sherman4 Ackerman and Barbara (--?--) were as follows:

36. Dorothy Ruth4 Ackerman (Henry3, Henry2, Valentine1); born 22 Apr 1932;3 married James Ulrey.3

Children of Dorothy Ruth4 Ackerman and James Ulrey were as follows:

Generation Five

44. Norman Wallace5 Ackerman (Jesse4, Henry3, Henry2, Valentine1); born circa 1938; married Amber (--?--).3

Children of Norman Wallace5 Ackerman and Amber (--?--) were as follows:

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